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what you can expect from us

Prepare the home for the selling process to maximize your success

Price your staging competitively

Ensure your house will be showcased at its best

Create a plan and budget to guide you in preparation of the home for sale

Provide all furniture and accessory rental

Give the vacant house more appeal by showing buyers how they can live in the space

Congratulate you when you sell!

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Our services include 

Staging consultation (Occupied homes)

Verbal Consultation

This consists of a walkthrough of the property - room by room - to determine what needs to be done to prepare the home for sale:
  • We will make suggestions as you walk through the home together.
  • You will make notes and, in some cases, we might even move a few things around as we go
  • We will discuss what you should store and what needs to be relocated. 
  • We will advise you on the placement of furniture, accessories, artwork, and more throughout your home.
On completion of the tasks which we discussed; your home will be ready to attract your target buyer.
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Written Consultation

 This has the same elements as the verbal consultation except that :
  • Within 48 hours of the walk through, we will provide you with a written report which is a checklist of actions for each space.
  • We will provide instructions to you on the actions needed to be completed prior to the home being ready for sale.
Consultations start at around $200 and increases from there based on the size and number of rooms in the home and the type of consultation requested (verbal or written).  A staging consultation typically takes a minimum of one hour. 
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Full-service home staging

  • We will complete a complimentary property site visit or go over your project with you to assess possible scope of work and to determine your project needs.
  • Pricing for staging services vary depending on the project scope, and how many rooms need to be staged. 
  • Our quote will include all aspects of the project, from delivery and installation of furnishings to pick-up and removal when property is sold.
  • All decluttering and removal of unneeded items should be completed before staging.
  • Our base staging starts at $1,895 for a 2-month contract and includes furnishings for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and primary bedroom, plus an assortment of art and decor to complete the look.
  • We promise 1-day installations/ drop off’s and 1-day de-stages/pick-ups.
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We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, exceeding expectations, and ensuring the needs of our clients are met with 100% satisfaction.


Prior to beginning the contract On Time Staging requires an agreement between both parties


This agreement outlines the specific scope of your project and the payment terms. We believe transparency generates trust and avoid future conflicts.

Please contact us, so we can provide you with a quote.

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